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Mixamo Tutorial

Animate your 3D character

Definition of Rigging: adding digital controls to animate a 3D model.
It is a long process and the animations are very complex since you have to move each of the controls correctly to give the desired movement sensation. This process is done usually in the same system you are modelling your Character in 3D, for example in Blender a specialist put “bones” added to the 3D model and move them (rigging). Taking into account the target group of this project (students 12-14 years old) and the short time of classes, it is very interesting to use software such as MIXAMO, which allows adding different animations to a model. These animations are downloaded and can be used in our projects, both AR and VR.

This tutorial explains how to use MIXAMO.

Aumentaty Tutorial

Augmented Reality Software

Aumentaty is an augmented reality tool that allows the user to use RA technology in a very simple way, facilitating access to additional information in images, text, videos, 3D models and links.

This tutorial explains how to use Aumentaty.

Texture Tutorial

Customize the texture of a 3D model

With a few simple steps we can customize the texture of the 3D model

This tutorial explains how to use customize the texture of the 3D model.

VR Unity Tutorial

Activity with Unity

Unity is a multi-plaftorm game engine for 2D/3D.

This tutorial explains how to use Unity.

VleaRning 3D Character Blender

Blender 3D Logos

Here you can download the 3D Logo and the texture.

SH Learning Application

VleaRning Application